Our History

Our History

 Before the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) existed, residential property managers in Texas navigated the industry solely by a book of Texas property code and the experiences shared between a few other like-minded managers.  National and local organizations existed for those in real estate and other forms of property management, but they provided very little, if any, information for those in residential property management.

 A small group of managers in the Fort Worth area had heard about the relatively new organization known as NARPM® and its vision of raising the level of professionalism in the residential property management industry through networking and education.  They knew an organization like this was needed to help the local industry thrive so in 1993, they set out to begin a local chapter.
 The group worked hard to set up the chapter, meeting in each others homes and using NARPM® guidelines and their experience as members of other organizations to complete the process and become an official NARPM® chapter in 1994.

 Their tasks then became one of growing the membership.  Each member of the small chapter told those whom they knew in the business about the benefits of NARPM® and membership began to increase.  As the chapter grew, it’s image of professionalism slowly began to overcome the perception of property managers and the residential leasing industry.

 In those early years, they developed a relationship with the Dallas chapter, providing additional resources for both and a larger, united presence in the Texas industry overall.  The chapter also reached out to the local real estate association to explain the need for and assist in the formation of a leasing management committee.  This helped the chapter gain more recognition as a professional organization, provided a platform for education those in the residential property management industry and established an ally in dealing with governmental affairs.

 We would like to recognize and thank our founding members Cathleen Bales, Ann Charlesworth, Donna Housden MPM, RMP, Barbara McMasters RMP, and Sallye Tinsley RMP for their foresight and dedication in establishing the firm foundation of the Fort Worth/ Mid-Cities Chapter of NARPM.

Our Organization

The Fort Worth/ Mid-Cities (FW/ MC) Chapter of the NARPM® serves local and surrounding area property managers and their support staff by providing a place to develop their skills alongside other professionals in the industry.  Our general meetings offer knowledgeable speakers such as judges, code enforcement officers, insurance agents and other professionals presenting topics which affect property managers.  Networking with experienced vendors of various trades that could help your business is another benefit of being a member.  Best of all are the relationships you can build with other new or seasoned members who can advise and support you in growing your business.

But more than just a local group, the FW/ MC Chapter of NARPM® connects you with property managers and vendors from all over the nation.  National events are held each year which offer more ways to learn, network and build encouraging relationships.  In addition, accredited education classes are offered as part of an opportunity for you to achieve designations exclusive to the property management industry [Certified Support Specialist (CSS), Residential Management Professional (RMP) and Master Property Manager (MPM)].  Owners can add credibility to their company by obtaining the designation of Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC). 

Chapter Past Presidents 

1994 – 1995   Ann Charlesworth                                                      
1995 – 1996   Sallye Tinsley  RMP                                                  
1996 – 1997   Barbara Debenport-McMasters  RMP                      
1997 – 1998   Donna Housden  RMP, MPM                                    
1998 – 1999   Erika Hashem  RMP, MPM                                       
1999 – 2000   Marvin Tinsley  RMP                                                 
2000 – 2001   Laurie Tinsley  RMP, MPM                                      
2001 – 2002   Hans Kautz  RMP                                                         
2002 – 2003   Shannon Ferry-Moser  RMP                                      
2003 – 2004   Audrey Cooper  RMP, MPM                                     
2005  Chris Shultz
2006  Jay Hartley RMP
2007  Sallye Tinsley RMP
2008  Kaye Bradford
2009  Cindy Hoover RMP
2010  Tony Sims RMP, MPM
2011  Stella Louck- Beech
2012  Buddy White RMP
2013  Mohamed Sulthar RMP, MPM
2014 John Hashem, RMP
2015 Brandon Bradford
2016 Angela Gonzales
2017 Debrah Dyck , RMP